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Yup It's Up Launches New Wi-fi Monitoring Service

Now there's an answer for network managers who have had problems related to monitoring Wi-Fi access points: Yup It's Up, a network monitoring solution, designed for those who provide public Internet access at hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, and similar hospitality venues.

The tool is user-friendly and alleviates issues such as this: Ever been in a coffee shop or hotel lobby using the Wi-Fi internet connection, only to be abruptly dropped for no reason? Failing to reestablish and sustain a connection, you probably headed out the door to a different venue, in hopes of finding a better online experience - an outcome you certainly don't wish to replicate with your own customers.

Although Yup It's Up won't prevent problems on your network, it will send immediate notification as issues develop, providing the opportunity to quickly resolve problems and minimize the impact on your clientele.

Yup It's Up works with most every common monitoring protocol, offering truly "universal" service, regardless of the deployed networking equipment utilized in your establishment.

Yup It's Up also offers the capacity to monitor your website pages, links, and online shopping cart for integrity and performance.

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