MegaPath Survey: Only 1/3 of Retailers Have Strong PCI Compliance

MegaPath Inc., provider of managed IP data, voice and security services in North America, announces that a survey distributed to over 100 retailers revealed that over 90 percent of respondents feel PCI compliance is very important to their businesses. However, only one third of those surveyed said they have implemented strong compliance and credit card protection practices. In addition, more than 85 percent view PCI investments as benefiting to the overall business.

"Investing in PCI compliance is more than just meeting a standard, itÃ.‚¬™s about supporting the business," says Alan Stukalsky, CIO for Church's Chicken. "WeÃ.‚¬™ve found that the investments weÃ.‚¬™ve made have paid off with improved operations and productivity."

Respondents revealed that managing security and implementing technology updates are two of the biggest challenges they face with maintaining PCI compliance. Ninety three percent of those surveyed believe that the corporate franchisors should take a more active role in helping their franchisees attain and maintain PCI compliance.

Fifty percent of respondents stated that a firewall is the most important security technology for ensuring PCI compliance. This was followed by VPN and anti-virus. These results show that retailers recognize the importance of the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard, which states that retailers are required to install and maintain a firewall to protect cardholder data, use and regularly update anti-virus software and encrypt transmission of cardholder data across open, public networks.

"While retailers understand the significance of being PCI compliant, it is clear that many are still working to achieve the optimal level of security to protect their customer information," says James Cragg, President and COO of MegaPath.

MegaPath conducted this survey of more than 100 retailers at a recent retail industry conference. The survey results are intended to provide insight into how the retail industry views PCI Compliance; the technologies they are using to become compliant; if their efforts are benefiting the business; and identify the current compliance challenges retailers face.

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