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Summer Tech in Review: 8 Must Read Articles

With only a few weeks left, it is hard to believe that the summer is coming to a close. After analyzing our data from June and July, Hospitality Technology is bringing you our top 8 most popular stories of the summer. Catch up on what you may have missed and get a leg up on the most important topics in hospitality as we move into the fall. Based on the most viewed articles from, point-of-service, tableside payment and in-room technology top the list of articles that your peers are reading.

1. Avoid POS Nightmares: Top 5 Need to Know Tips
For any bar or restaurant owner who has ever feared or experienced a POS meltdown, you are not alone out there. HT brings you the top five POS must have essentials that will mitigate your POS concerns.

2. Guestroom 2010 Gets New Name, Kills the Telephone
Guestroom 2010 showcased 40 of the most innovative and cutting edge technologies at this year's HITEC in Austin, Texas. But the most controversial and buzz worthy of all was the technology that was missing: the telephone.

3. Burger King Initiates Nationwide POS Instillations
Starting this summer, Burger King Corp. will be begin the first phase of an 800 property instillation of MICROS' RES 4.0 point-of-sale solution. To be completed over the next two years, Burger King Corp. will also procure MICROS implementation services for training, installation, and go-live support.

4. Tableside Ordering and Payment Answers
Tableside ordering and payment devices are beginning to gain more and more prominence in the United States, leaving restaurant operators to ask themselves two vital questions: "What are the benefits to my organization?" and "What do I need to do to implement it?"

5. POS Software: The Quick Service Perspective
In this POS software peer review, HT talks to a cross section of quick-service restaurant operators, hailing from the traditional drive-up to pizza delivery and smoothie shops. Operators share their unique needs for point of sale software, and the POS technology solutions that are helping them stay competitive.

6. Payment Decadence: Pay-at-Table Tech Takes Hold
Tableside POS peripherals are gaining popularity in the United States for their fast service, increased table turnovers, and improved customer security. HT reviews the technological advancements on the market.

7. Future Proof: Hotel 1000 Takes Tech to New Levels
Seattle's Hotel 1000 opened in 2006 with one of the industry's first fully-converged IP networks, and since then has continued to exceed guest and industry standards for IT innovation. In this exclusive interview with the hotel's management company MTM Luxury Lodging, HT offers the inside scoop on how Hotel 1000 is leveraging its network with new applications that wow guests and offer many happy returns.

8. Give Guests the In-Room Tech They Demand
As the average hotel guest enjoys a wide array of the most current technological advancements at home, hotels are struggling to keep up with their in-room technology. What do hotels need to do in order to stay ahead of the curve and increase the rate of guest returns?
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