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New SpeedLine POS 6.0 Software Released

Speed of service, flexibility, and security drive the SpeedLine POS 6.0 release from point of sale provider SpeedLine Solutions, Inc.

With 45 custom options, including icons to highlight crucial details, operators can tailor cash, bar, expeditor, and dispatch stations to fit their unique operations. For example, restaurant operators can flag Web orders for a heads-up when the phones are quiet but the kitchen is about to get busy. And they can highlight deliveries to restricted zones for each order to anticipate safety concerns, and tally side items to prevent mistakes.

To speed up ticket recall, a new, user-friendly search tool lets staff pull up a customer's order by name or phone number, by the type of credit card used, or even by the type of pizza they ordered.

Security enhancements an more
SpeedLine 6.0 also delivers vital security enhancements to help owners and managers control access to sensitive information and track illicit activities. Most notably, the full SpeedLine POS product line, including peripheral applications, has been audited and validated to meet Visa PABP and Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards.

New birthday and barcode tracking options round out the new release. With SpeedLine 6.0, operators who run customer marketing programs can more easily track birthdays.

The new release also supports barcode scanning for accurate coupon tracking, and instant barcode ticket recall improves speed of service in high-volume buffet concepts.
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