A collection of news, articles and other featured content about Speed & Service.

A collection of news, articles and other featured content about Speed & Service.

Speed & Service

  • Three Tech Trends Getting Served Up in Restaurants

    Networked devices and a bevy of data will reshape the next-generation kitchen. HT takes a look at three key areas, including IoT, analytics and real-time ordering, that are ripe for adoption in the kitchen.
  • Loyalty: The Next Generation

    Across the hospitality industry, operators must find ways to address loyalty as the ever-evolving entity it is in order to keep programs relevant.
  • Cellular Revolution

    We've been hearing for several months - if not years - about the importance of the Millennial Generation
  • Video Analytics Reincarnated

    Thanks to spill over from military and government agencies, video surveillance systems in hospitality are becoming more and more sophisticated through the integration of analytic applications that turn traditional video into uber intelligence gathers.
  • At-Home Work Force

    Any hotel executive will tell you that a happy team results in happy guests. Thanks to advancements in technology, hotels now have the ability to deploy work-at-home alternatives that not only attract quality employees but also reduce costs and customer dissatisfaction.
  • Mobile Payments in Transition

    Consumer expectations and demands drive the need for mobile options to go beyond payment alone. As operators seek to find ways to maximize the potential of payment platforms, they look to integrate other features with the payment component such as loyalty and order-ahead capabilities.
  • NJ Restaurant Neutralizes Threat of High Service & Maintenance Costs Following POS Upgrade

    The owners of Maize Restaurant, located in Newark, New Jersey's Robert Treat Hotel, are able to neutralize the high service and maintenance costs associated with their previous POS following a full technology upgrade.
  • Online Ordering Comes to BJ's Restaurants

    BJ's Restaurants now gives guests the option to order menu items online for in-store pick up.
  • Build a Better App: 6 Tips

    What sets a good mobile application apart from the rest? Hotel executives share their advice for creating a better app, from customer research and developer selection advice all the way down to interface design.
  • Portable POS Success

    Operators are dropping the cords on their point-of-sale in favor of mobile technology solutions. From access points to system security, learn how to guarantee handheld POS success with the proper planning and installation tips.
  • Choice Hotels Select Radiant Systems for Cambria Suites

    In an effort to enhance guest services, Choice Hotels International announce plans to integrate Radiant Systems solutions into their Cambria Suites. Solutions for the newest brand from include Aloha TableService POS, Enterprise.com and Radiant hardware.
  • Airport Marriott Hotel Lobby Touchscreen Offers Travelers Virtual Concierge Option

    The BWI Airport Marriott Hotel has unveiled an interactive media board in its newly renovated lobby which will display a customizable set of information including weather, maps, points-of-interest and more.
  • Zebra Technologies Launches New Off-the-Shelf Kiosk Enclosure

    Zebra Technologies' off-the-shelf kiosk enclosure can rapidly be deployed to support a wide range of self-service applications.
  • Considering QR Codes? What You Need to Know.

    QR codes have emerged as an effective way to engage with customers via customized messaging that takes advantage of the popularity and prevalence of smartphones.

A collection of news, articles and other featured content about Speed & Service.