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New Messaging Solution Prioritizes Critical Communication for Guest Satisfaction

Zipit Wireless and MTech have created a seamless integration between their Enterprise Critical Messaging Solution and HotSOS (Hotel Service Optimization) solution enabling no-compromise handling of critical messaging, with unparalleled tracking and accountability.
This new critical messaging solution and integration allows for hospitality professionals and hoteliers to ensure that all mobile communication is delivered, normally within seconds, and with the required level of accountability, anywhere at the facility.  The combination of HotSOS with Zipit’s critical messaging solution ensures that the message gets delivered so that guest experience is elevated to an entirely new level. The ability of the Zipit Now device to dynamically switch between internal wireless (Wi-Fi) to the Verizon Wireless 3G nationwide cellular data network, at price points typical of inexpensive and unreliable pagers, enables hospitality professionals to be available anywhere inside and outside of the facility and maintain coverage for all messaging needs.
HotSOS customers prioritize work orders to specific teams or specific tasks. The Zipit solution maintains the priority of the message as set by HotSOS and notifies the user using Zipit’s prioritized paging capability to ensure that the most critical messages get the attention they need.   The Zipit solution also forces confirmation of the high priority message, removing any doubt the staff will receive and act on the critical message. Responses are also dictated using the Zipit solution to minimize any discrepancy in work orders.
Given that the Zipit solution is also a two-way secure texting platform, a hotel or resort's staff is free to discreetly communicate with each other to increase guest satisfaction and productivity as well.   The discreet texting enables property managers to eliminate the noise generated by their staff typically associated with push to talk devices. An additional benefit is that since all messages and critical alerts are confidentially kept in the cloud, hotel or resort management can verify compliance and investigate any discrepancies on tasks not completed as expected. The combination of these features enables teams to make quick critical decisions and collaborate with other team members anywhere.  
For single and multi-property owners alike, Zipit's cloud-based infrastructure provides the ability to manage properties individually or in a consolidated environment. Owners can choose how to manage communication across the properties and do it without the capital cost and on-going maintenance of onsite server deployments.   With the VoIP feature, the Zipit Now device can also leverage existing internal PBX solutions to provide cost effective Voice capability while on the hotel property.

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