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iPhone App Allows Business to Ditch Traditional Loyalty Cards

EnPlay, a mobile app development and marketing company, has released mPunch for the iPhone. mPunch allows businesses to offer a mobile customer loyalty program to replace their traditional card-based programs.

The app allows businesses to engage their most loyal customers with special offers directly to their phones. Dynamic Specials are also popular with customers because they control when to view the offers they are interested in by simply navigating to the "Specials" area in the app. With this app there are no e-mails, text messages, or intrusive ads. mPunch is linked to a powerful backend administration website, allowing businesses to enjoy access to real-time usage data and reports that facilitate making informed decisions on how to build brand loyalty, increase repeat business, and maximize profitability.

mPunch is universal, allowing customers to use a single app to manage loyalty cards from all participating businesses. This eliminates a common frustration experienced by loyalty card holders, who collect dozens of cards only to lose them before they are redeemed. The app also allows customers to track purchase credits; redemptions and view Dynamic Specials — all from the convenience of their phone.

No special equipment is required to use mPunch. Participating businesses receive a coded image with their program information embedded and the phone does the rest. Customers use their phone's built-in camera to automatically scan and interpret the image at the cash-register and receive credit for their purchase. Scanning the image is just like receiving a punch, stamp, or swipe with a traditional loyalty card.

The mPunch mobile app is free to end-users and is available in the app store. Pricing for businesses includes a charge per card initiated and an annual subscription fee for those businesses choosing to use the Dynamic Specials functionality. All setup fees are waived during the promotional period.

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