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An Ultimate Makeover

I'm not sure if it's the compelling 'before' details, or the often breathtaking 'reveal' at the end, but makeovers have a unique way of capturing our attention. Whether it's a human, a home, or a frog-turned-prince, there's an undeniable — and quite understandable — allure to becoming our best possible selves.

In that vein, Hospitality Technology is excited to announce the launch of an initiative that brings an unprecedented opportunity to the lodging industry: The Ultimate Hotel Technology Makeover.

The contest is based on the vision of a group of technology vendors who support integration and communication among suppliers, beginning with solution development, and all the way through implementation and support. These vendors have joined together and have pledged to provide technology makeovers to two winning hotels (one full-service and one limited-service). The group of participating suppliers is growing, and currently includes PMS vendor MSI (Multi-Systems, Inc.), CRM and business-analytics vendor Libra OnDemand, and Accuvia Consulting.

If you have a vision for your hotel that leverages technology, I encourage you to visit and submit an entry before the September 25 deadline. The winning hotels will be chosen by an independent panel, and selected based on the hotel's current needs, challenges, and vision for leveraging next-generation technology to enhance the guest experience.

Makeovers reinforce for us that 'change for the better' is not only possible, but they also demonstrate that the process of change often carries a valuable lesson. Perhaps through this contest, the industry will witness a unique cooperative effort among technology suppliers. In true make-over fashion, HT will be sure to watch the contest as it develops and report on the winning hotels' experiences.

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