Top Restaurant Tech Headlines from April

Checking in on what headlines are resonating with readers is often a litmus test for what is top of mind in the industry. In April, it was clear that several things  are percolating for restaurants among them: giving diners options for how to interact and do business with a brand; security; and streamlining service and operations are just a few.

Making headlines for a security breach, is never a position a company wants to find themselves. Unfortunately that was the case for Shoney's. The news that Shoney's was at the center a new data breach, affecting 37 corporate restaurants, caught our readers' attention, as restaurants all want to make sure they know what precautions to take to avoid the same fate.

With that said, it stands to reason that HT's readers flocked to find out the "5 Social Media Risks That Increase Your Risk for a Security Breach."

This month, restaurants wanted to find out more about the partnership between Five Guys and Ingenico ePayments which helped the QSR create a secure ePayment gateway that enables customers to shop securely from mobile, tablet or laptop internationally.

Readers also were interested in NCR's launch of a self-ordering kiosk, which allows guests to review the entire menu, look at special offers and place their order – all without standing in a queue.
Mobile apps and payment technology are high priorities for restaurateurs from a customer-facing perspective, technology that can help with other business operations necessities such as team communications, team scheduling and employee performance continue to be relevant and needed within the industry. Therefore, it is unsurprising that Harri's introduction of TeamLive, a solution that consolidates up to 10 operational systems into a single, mission-critical platform, was highly read.

Finally, robotics make the most-read list for April, with a story highlighting how robots can be used in both restaurants and hoteliers and what operators should know about the possibilities.
Five Guys Selects Ingenico ePayments for International and Multichannel Growth
Ingenico ePaymetns and Five Guys offer guests a secure ePayment gateway that enables Five Guys customers to shop securely from mobile, tablet or laptop. Customers can now pre-order and pre-pay for food, progressing directly to the pick-up point for collection. The system accepts multiple currencies and payment types as well as a choice of language support options. Five Guys has also been able to use the gateway with its chosen local acquirers.
NCR Launches Consumer Self-Ordering Solution for North American Restaurants
NCR Corporation, a provider of omni-channel solutions, announced an extension to the NCR Aloha Platform that will enable restaurants to increase speed of service, improve order accuracy and increase overall customer satisfaction by providing their customers with a self-ordering kiosk. The NCR Consumer Self-Ordering solution creates a new on-premise channel. Restaurant guests can take their time to review the entire menu, look at special offers and place their order – all without standing in a queue. This can result in a better overall experience for the guest and, typically, higher check averages for the restaurant.
Best American Hospitality Corp. Reports Security Breach at 37 Shoney's Restaurants
According to a statement issued by Best American Hospitality Corp., malware was installed remotely on point of sale equipment that processed payment cards used at 37 Shoney's restaurants.  The malware searched for track data (cardholder name, card number, expiration date, and internal verification code) read from the magnetic stripe of a payment card as it was being routed through the affected computer. Based on the investigation, Kroll determined that some of the restaurants were subject to initial data breach from December 27, 2016 (the date of first breach varies by location), until the malware was contained on March 6, 2017.  
Harri Launches TeamLive: A Workforce Management Solution for Hospitality
TeamLive is an end-to-end workforce management solution designed for the hospitality industry. TeamLive was designed to provide value for the entire spectrum of hospitality business stakeholders by consolidating up to 10 operational systems into a single, mission-critical platform, including instant team communications, team scheduling overlaid with labor costs and live sales performance data, providing operators with greatly enhanced profit visibility.  Streamed collection and analysis of data takes employee performance to new levels of intelligence and industry relevance. In addition, TeamLive includes a revolutionary, app-based time clock that uses biometric facial recognition to track employee hours, eliminating wage theft while also enhancing team communications and compliance.
Robots in Hospitality: Five Trends on the Horizon
Robots are becoming common helpers in hospitality, showing up in hotels and restaurants around the world. From Japan’s all-robot hotel, to Hilton’s robot concierge, to Savioke’s autonomous delivery robot, Relay, robots that serve hotel staff and guests are a growing trend. Robots are proving their value in restaurants, too, preparing meals, taking orders and even delivering food. Hospitality robots are clearly at a tipping point. They’re now cost-effective to build, are attaining cultural acceptance, and use sophisticated technology to safely live and work among us. But what’s next in this fast-moving field? In this article, Savioke discusses five key robot trends set to emerge in the hospitality sector.
5 Social Media Risks That Increase Your Risk for a Security Breach
Most people assume these cyber attacks are incredibly sophisticated, and that government and financial organizations bear the brunt of the risk. The truth is that criminal hacking is a growing challenge that transcends industry and company size. Most security-savvy companies use well-known defenses like unified threat management (UTM) appliances and network segmentation to combat cyberattacks, but it may come as a shock that something as simple as a social media post can result in a breach. While Facebook, Twitter and SnapChat offer an opportunity to connect directly with guests, potential customers and employees, there are certain social media practices that could provoke a cyberattack as well. In this article, Watchguard Technologies describes five social media risks hospitality organizations should share with their employees to help them keep their workplace more secure.
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