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Stella Nova Intros Mobile POS

Stella Nova has rolled out a new Mobile POS solution that is implemented on the service oriented architecture-based Stella Nova Mobile Retail Framework. The new solution is designed to keep POS functionality independent of the mobile device and its operating system. This will enable the company to adapt seamlessly to future shifts in mobility trends and technology. The system will also allow the company to manage all aspects of customer interaction via a simple, intuitive user interface, keeping employee training to a minimum.
Mobile by Stella Nova is a multi-platform enabled m-commerce solution that allows retailers to seamlessly transact between traditional brick and mortar and e-commerce environments. Utilizing either in-store wireless networks or global wireless communications through the cloud, retail associates are enabled with access to key functionality required to create, transact, and finalize complex retail transactions anywhere, anytime. Mobile by Stella Nova can also be extended directly to the customer, enabling self-checkout functionality from consumer mobile devices including; phones, handhelds, and tablets.
The Mobile by Stella Nova solution is comprised of two key components:
The Mobile Retail Framework (MRF): Suite of core transaction services architected and built on the Microsoft .NET Framework, employing the latest Service Oriented Architecture design standards – and completely reusable across any core retail enterprise applications requiring transaction-enabling functionality.
The Mobile Client User Interface: Offered on multiple handheld, phone and tablet formats and enabled on multiple client operating systems including Apple iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 7 – each maximizing the unique user experiences offered by the respective technology.

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