Mobile Point of Sale (POS)

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Mobile Point of Sale (POS)

Cash vs. Cards: A One-Sided Payment War

SMBs in particular may be overwhelmed with the idea of going cashless, but there are very real benefits to doing so.

EMV Level 3 certified tablet offers long battery life, 64 GB storage, and is light weight.

Providing a frictionless ordering experience for diners is top of mind for restaurant operators. The customer’s definition of convenience is constantly shifting and diners now want to order food, make reservations and manage loyalty in a myriad of ways, across multiple devices.

From pay-at-the-table  to curbside pickup, restaurants that adopt new payment tech can provide faster, more convenient service while streamlining operations.

Restaurants with mobile technologies that solve guest problems and speak to their needs and wants will improve guest satisfaction, operations and revenue rather than just offering a one-size-fits-all solution.

With Deloitte's help, the redesigned mobile ordering platform will enhance the customer experience and streamline online ordering capabilities.

Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa is a luxury five-star beachfront property with exclusive dining and resort amenities. It offers guests 17 restaurant and beachfront entertainment outlets, from coffee shops to fine-dining, along with spa, gym, tennis and beach sports across an expansive area.

Navigating the new competitive battleground for restaurants requires a strategic approach to maximize efficiency as more diners seek online options

The service uses Pizza Portal, a heated self-service mobile pick-up station which will allow customers to skip the counter.

All 45 new locations enjoy strengthened payment security with Ziosk point-to-point encryption, EMV and mobile wallet.

Vivonet, MyCheck to develop POS and payment API integration for frictionless mobile experiences.

Company to renew commitment to improve and expand upon its loyalty rewards and ordering capabilities.

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