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RightAnswers Launches Support Analyst, Self-Service Portal Version 5.0

RightAnswers, Inc., a provider of knowledge-based self-service and support analyst solutions for the internal IT help desk, announce the release of Support Analyst and Self-Service Portal version 5.0 for their Unified Knowledge Suite. With more than 100 enhancements, the new version enables organizations to improve their IT help desk and self-service operations, and empower users with knowledge-driven tools to find and resolve all types of issues.

The RightAnswers Unified Knowledge Suite provides a personalized knowledge-driven self-service environment by capturing, combining, and enhancing an organization's diverse knowledge, and then delivering it in a consistent and accessible format. The enhanced portals represent a significant new architectural design integrating Web 2.0 functionality to simplify access and customization of the end-user experience.

The new features in both RightAnswers Support Analyst and Self-Service Portal version 5.0 include out-of-the-box solution template support, expanded reporting, enhanced survey functionality, advanced search options, a redesigned administration console, and multi-tenancy architecture that allows multiple logical portals to run on one physical portal. These enhancements deliver improved user satisfaction, simplified management, and overall help lower support costs.
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