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A collection of news, articles and other featured content about Drive-Thru.

60% of Restaurant Occasions are Now Off-Premise: Study

National Restaurant Association & Technomic unveil industry findings on off-premise sales channels.

Checkers & Rally’s to Use SMS to Send Personalized Offers

Drive-thru restaurant selects Mobivity to power its mobile customer engagement programs

Apprente's technology is expected to power faster and more accurate order taking at the drive-thru with future potential to incorporate into mobile ordering and kiosks. 

Sensory's AI suite has been customized to serve the fast-casual, quick service restaurant industry and is capable of processing voice orders in mobile apps, kiosks and drive-thrus. 

About half of the 150 oldest units have been remodeled to date.

Good Times is experiencing an average 6% increase in spend per order and as much as a 23% increase on some days.

The Varsity, Atlanta’s iconic drive-in restaurant, has selected NCR Aloha for its point-of-sale (POS) enterprise solution. The Varsity joins more than 75,000 restaurants using NCR Aloha.

Good Times restaurant now uses Valyant AI for all drive-thru orders.

As diners seek out conveniences such as third-party delivery and order ahead, the traditional drive-thru is poised for reinvention.

70% of its business comes through the drive-thru

Valyant AI launches enterprise ready AI for QSR

The slide-thru take-out window coincided with the launch of the Cheetos Crunchwrap Slider in Canada.

In Q4 digital sales grew 66% year-over-year, accounting for 12.9% of sales.

SageVIEW.dtx includes all-weather enclosures, lighting, security, power, network connectivity and maintenance.

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