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Replify Launches World's First All Software Based WAN Optimization Solution

Replify, the WAN optimisation company founded by former Swan Labs executives Kevin Donaghy and Wesley Darlington, announces general availability of the world's first all-software based WAN optimization solution.

WAN optimization has become mainstream for enterprises that need to speed application performance - messaging, financial, sales and marketing applications - across relatively low speed wide area and mobile networks. In the past companies have been forced to install expensive hardware appliances in both data centres and remote locations. But now Replify brings to market a an all-software based enterprise class solution that straddles data center HQ, branch office servers, client PCs and mobile devices.

"The challenge that enterprises face with distributed applications always relates to bandwidth or latency, and sometimes packet loss. Large companies have attempted to address the problem by purchasing WAN optimization hardware devices. But these are notoriously costly to purchase, install and maintain - and hardware solutions are costly on the environment too," says Kevin Donaghy, CEO of Replify.
The Reptor server-side solution can be configured for the corporate data center or branch office. A Reptor client-side application is installed in users' PCs and mobile devices in order to run applications faster. The network administrator also gets a detailed picture of overall application performance improvement through Reptor Enterprise Manager.

Replify's server-side and client-side software is available to download for trial today. Network managers can see for themselves the improvements that can be achieved through Replify's Reptor solution by visiting

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