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Radiant Systems Expands Business Services with Launch of Payment Processing

Radiant Systems, Inc. announces the launch of Radiant Payment Services, a new business that provides electronic payment processing services to U.S. hospitality and retail businesses, with the aim of raising the level of customer service in the industry. 

Radiant began providing business services with web-based store fronts and gifts cards a number of years ago and has steadily expanded this portfolio over the past few years. Supporting the company's strategic plan, Radiant Payment Services will continue expanding the recurring services model, which currently comprises a third of Radiant's revenues. More than 5,000 stores and restaurants are already using Radiant Payment Services. 

Radiant's objective is to raise the level of customer service that is provided to businesses by providing competitive pricing, increased accountability from a single vendor, an exceptionally high level of security for transaction data and overall statement simplification.  Radiant is optimistic that business services will be a significant growth vehicle over the coming years.

Historically, the relationships between point of sale (POS) and payment-processing companies have not been successful aligning to the level of service that the customer deserves. High customer-turnover rates and low satisfaction with the management of electronic payments have created the opportunity for Radiant to offer an easy-to-understand, integrated, cost-effective solution that is focused on enhancing long-term customer relationships. In addition, as part of this new business service, Radiant has enhanced its relationship with RBS WorldPay and, over time, plans to tightly integrate POS and payment-processing technology, as well as build a more seamless support service for its customers. RBS WorldPay, the U.S. payment-processing arm of The Royal Bank of Scotland group, is a top provider of payment solutions to small and large businesses nationwide.

The launch of Radiant Payment Services will not alter Radiant's commitment to providing an open POS solution that will continue supporting third-party payment-processing services.
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