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NCR Launches Mobile Pay Option

NCR has launched Mobile Pay, a new service that allows restaurant patrons to place orders, page a server, make a payment and even share about the experience on social networks. It begins with a mobile URL. Once a server has visited the table, a restaurant patron can use their mobile device to input a unique code into the specific web browser. NCR Mobile Pay then fetches the check detail of all ordered items.
With integration to Aloha POS, restaurant patrons have the ability to conveniently and securely process payments directly from their mobile phones. After payment is received, feedback is gathered through the activation of Customer Voice on the restaurant experience using a 0-10 scale (based on the Net Promoter Score). With a built in Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn sharing feature, the patron has the ability to spread the word only when they’ve rated a 9 or 10.
Other features include:
Alert server: Messaging interfaces directly to the Aloha POS allowing NCR to notify consumers when the message has been delivered and read.
Favorite: Selecting favorites and storing preferences is key for patrons and restaurants to know which items are preferred by each unique customer.
Order another: Ordering another item is easy. Once an item is selected and ordered again, a message is sent directly to the POS for server confirmation.
Item-level Feedback: Thumbs up or down item-level rating allows the restaurant to know which items are liked and disliked. Social sharing is enabled on thumbs up items only.
Email receipt: NCR Mobile Pay sends an automatic email of the receipt to the user as soon as the check is closed out.

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