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Zebra Unveils Customizable, Enterprise-Class Tablets

Zebra Technologies Corporation introduced the next-generation ET50 and ET55 tablet computers, with the intent to increase workforce productivity. In the hospitality industry, the tablets have a wide variety of customizable applications, including:
  • Interactive Menus--The tablet can be placed on a table and utilized as an interactive menu. It’s IP65-sealing-certified so it can offer reliable operations despite exposure to dust, spilled water and more.
  • Concert and Sporting Events--The device can be used to take orders on corporate suites, take surveys at the venue, sell tickets and even secure rides for guests.
  • Social Games at Bars/Retaurants—The tablet can used as a key interface to play bar interactive games; it is rugged enough to operate under rough usage patterns.
  • Concierge Services—Hotel Concierges can utilize the device to easily access hotel-related applications or make reservations for guests. Instead of being behind a desk, the tablet allows them to roam freely in the lobby, creating a less static method of customer service. Concierges could provide inquiring guests images of the restaurants, clubs, and tourist attractions that they’re recommending.
  • Line Busting—The tablet can be used to tackle lines at casual food restaurants by taking orders; it can also bust lines at hotels to serve guests on check-in or check-out queries.
  • Complimentary Tablet during Stay—The device can be an offering to guests in luxury resorts to access hotel amenities and service any place around the property. The tablets were designed to tolerate occasional water spills so they can be used by the pool side. The Tablet can also provide a personalized guest experience based on the guest profile.
  • Kiosk Mode—If configured to Kiosk Mode, the tablet can be used for such uses as room controls, check-in, menu browsing, room amenities, etc.
  • Tour Guides—The tablet runs on 4GLTE networks so tour guides can have a tablet in hand during any field trip and be able to provide assistance to tourists, access key business applications, make restaurant reservations etc.
With a choice of the Microsoft Windows 8.1 or Android 5.1 (Lollipop) operating system (OS) and two different display sizes, hospitality businesses can choose the modern enterprise-grade tablet that best meets their application needs and technology strategy.
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