Vendor Safe Intros New PCI Solution for Credit Card Merchants

Houston-based Vendor Safe Technologies has taken a major step toward simplifying PCI compliance for restaurants and other credit card merchants with the introduction of its new LAN Scribe Logging Client, a minimally intrusive, local area network event logging and notification solution for critical file inspection and other security related events.

Constrained by tight operating budgets, limited technical expertise and geographically dispersed locations, multi-unit restaurant owners recognize the need to secure sensitive credit card and system data but are often overwhelmed by the 250+ requirements necessary to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI). Within 30 days, Vendor Safe enables multi-unit restaurants and other credit card merchants to become fully PCI compliant while providing the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) for PCI compliance.

Because immediate awareness and rapid response create the most effective defense against a security breach and data theft, Vendor Safe's new LAN Scribe surpasses PCI requirements for file integrity analysis, delivering real-time notification and response to data and system threats.

LAN Scribe's feature set and real-time delivery mechanisms equip restaurants and other credit card merchants with superior card fraud security protection:

  • PCI Logging for local area networks delivered via SaaS (Software as a Service), with critical data moved off site to a set of secure, clustered log servers.
  • Highly configurable event logging with real time notification.
  • Audits of security activity as fully described in PCI DSS requirement 10, surpassing the requirement by reactivating security policy auditing if it has been disabled and providing notification of the change in real time.
  • Validation of the continuing integrity of a POS application by constantly monitoring file changes within protected directories.Õ
  • Rule-based reporting for LAN-attached servers, viewable in a hierarchical structure that allows for role based analysis.
  • Aggregation of all local activities - logs, security events and file integrity — minimizes bandwidth requirements at each location, without the addition of a separate server to the environment.
  • Completely customizable directory and file type searches with wild card parameters for a highly configurable file integrity system management tool.
  • Instantaneous notification, via email or SMS messaging, as critical file changes occur.
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