Twitter Chatter Can Now be Followed on Citysearch's Biz Profile Pages

Today, Citysearch announced a new integration with Twitter to incorporate Twitter's new Sign-Up API, allowing local businesses to integrate their existing Twitter presence or create a new account directly from the Citysearch business profile, and tweet from their Citysearch profile page. With the new Twitter integration, consumers will also be able to view tweets tied to businesses any time they are on a local business listing page, and tweet directly with a business via Citysearch. The move gives consumers access to more up-to-the-minute information on a business and allows local businesses to interact with their customers directly on Citysearch pages.

"Twitter has completely transformed the way we communicate with our guests on so many levels. We started using Twitter as a tool to keep our guests up-to-date on our ever-changing flavors with a little tongue in cheek added for fun," says Sean Vahey, co-owner of the ice cream shop, Humphry Slocombe. "The result was overwhelming and now with over 180,000 followers, we are able to announce upcoming products, flavors and support our local community functions and charities. We're excited to reach and interact with even more customers by having @HumphrySlocombe tweets shown on our Citysearch page."

Citysearch intros free claim your page product
Available today, millions of local US businesses can claim their Citysearch business page for free with Citysearch's new Claim Your Page product. For free, local businesses can update their general business information (including business name, address, phone number, website), and add their social media profiles including Facebook URLs and Twitter usernames. The new product allows business owners to simply manage their online reputation across the web from one location, Citysearch.
IAC's Urbanspoon also integrates with Twitter
In related news, IAC property Urbanspoon today announced they have integrated restaurant tweets directly into their restaurant pages. After a restaurant's Twitter username is submitted to Urbanspoon, the site will showcase their tweets on their page. In just a few weeks Urbanspoon has collected over 4,000 restaurant Twitter usernames nationwide, with more to come.
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