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SuiteLinq Debuts All-In-One Platform for In-Room Digital Amenities

SuiteLinq Inc. is introducing a new arsenal of enterprise-wide digital services for 2012 that will engage hotel guests in the brand's experience via IPTV, IPVOD, Mobile, Desktop, Laptop, Tablet and Microsoft Surface technologies. All guest touch technologies — free-to-guest IPTV and IP Video-On-Demand, high-speed internet access and Wi-Fi connectivity, mobile applications, private/public-area guest computing, and in-room / on-floor gaming — are now available to hotels via SuiteLinq on a single, secure platform. The SuiteLinq platform is also modular, enabling hotels to add applications as desired.
The SuiteLinq interactive platform consists of six components:
Q | Vision – offering free-to-guest programming and Video-On-Demand via IPTV;
Q | Linq – delivering a feature-rich interactive portal via local HSIA and WiFi connectivity;
Q | Mobile – driving on-site amenity purchases via a mobile app for iPhone, Android, Win Phone 7, Blackberry, iPad and similar tablets;
Q | Touch – presenting content via in-room and public area desktops, kiosks and Microsoft Surface multi-touch/-user interactive devices;
Q | Console – deploying and managing content, services and performance analytics on all these devices via SuiteLinq's Content Administration System; and
Q | Gaming – turning casino guestrooms into personal gaming parlors (where law allows) and opening new revenue streams on existing digital slot machines.
Each of these six modular components can be implemented in any order and function independent of each other. A hotel can equip 15 rooms with Q | Vision from the onset and then add more rooms as needed in the future. The same is true for each application. In addition, SuiteLinq’s level of involvement is dictated by each hotel. A property can take a limited-service approach and manage the installed appliances themselves, or SuiteLinq can manage the implementation ongoing.
The SuiteLinq platform provides closed-loop communication and integration with peripheral property systems, such as property management, point of sale, central reservations, content management and customer-relationship management. In doing so, information can be exchanged from the guest to hotel and vice versa from the moment the guest reservation is made to long after he or she has checked out. SuiteLinq shares content between the hotel and guests' personal digital devices (mobile phones, tablets, and laptops) to keep them informed about guest services, on-site amenities, special packages and promotions, on- and off-site entertainment, local attractions, events, group activities, and more. Expanded integration with in-house systems such as room environmental control solutions enables guests to remotely control room temperature, lighting, drapes and more even if they are not on site.

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