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Software Helps Grill Yield Profit with Real-Time Application

Ted’s Montana Grill is using the NCR Pulse Real-Time smartphone application. Pulse Real-Time is a SaaS-based mobile analytics engine, available on Android® and iOS® devices, that helps restaurant operators solve the everyday challenges of low visibility into current operational performance, lack of predictable data and inability to be in several places simultaneously.
The Pulse Real-Time app had an instant impact to Ted’s bottom line by offering management visibility into the number of applied discounts on both employee meals and complementary meals to guests that exceeded the budgeted amount allocated to each location. Historically, discounted or free employee meals are a common benefit to restaurant workers and complementary meals are also tracked as a cost of business at restaurants.
Ted’s started using the application by making it available to key executives and store managers. Pulse Real-Time provided that team with enough visibility and granularity to manage discounts more effectively than ever before by exposing information about how discounts were distributed, and by whom. In less than six months after adding Pulse Real-Time, Ted’s was able to reduce discounts as a percent of sales by 70 basis points.
The mobile application delivers up-to-the-second performance and operational metrics and notifications directly to a user’s smartphone. Operational data is segmented for quick, easy review, such as voids and comps, net sales by hour, employee performance and overtime alerts.
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