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A collection of news, articles and other featured content about Software.


Building Efficient Operations from the Back-Office

Restaurant finance executives discuss best practices for improving efficiencies and empowering employees with enterprise software

Nuvola's Concierge module allows staff to manage reservations, guest itineraries and additional daily tasks efficiently and effectively in real-time.

Tech allows customers to open the door automatically, check-in within three seconds, and pay for services.

According to travel tech firm Criton, 74% of consumers would use the app of a favorite hotel.

Facial recognition tech makes the process for passengers exiting the ship significantly faster.

Tuscany will use Phi's Lush platform and promotional kiosk solution for its loyalty and patron management needs. 

Restaurant-specific accounting and back-office software support the growth of a rapidly scaling restaurant chain.

How smart accounting systems and practices can be the key to growth.

Report on state of restaurant accounting systems and practices reveals gaps in strategic goals and current systems' capabilities

Best practices to find the right accounting technology partner.

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