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New Payment and POS App Replaces Costly Server-Based Solutions

Austin-based SalesVu just released its latest mobile payment and point-of-sale application, SalesVu 2.2 for iPhones and iPads. This new update is intended to replace costly server-based POS solutions with a more affordable and reliable option. 
Traditional Windows touch screen POS solutions found at many restaurants today usually cost tens of thousands per terminal. The SalesVu iPad POS application is free, and iPad tablets are considerably more affordable than the costly traditional infrastructure required to run POS applications. SalesVu does not charge monthly subscription or technical support fees.
SalesVu is leading a new generation of mobile POS systems that are transforming the restaurant, retail and service industries. By severing the cord to hardware-intensive technology and moving the infrastructure to the cloud, SalesVu 2.2 has brought much of the traditional POS functionality to the iPhone and iPad market as a free application easily downloaded and up in running in less than an hour.  As a business grows, new terminals or locations can be added easily by downloading SalesVu from the App Store -- all the products and inventory will be automatically appear on the device from the business’ cloud account – removing the traditional time consuming setup process. 
The latest 2.2 release includes a revolutionary feature enabling cross-device-sync functionality which allows multiple iPads, iPhones or iPod Touch devices to communicate with one another within a single store location.  Until now, this functionality has only been available in expensive networked solutions.
SalesVu has partnered with Mercury Payment Systems to offer a free credit card reader to businesses who chose to accept credit cards in addition to cash. SalesVu has negotiated a low, flat rate of 2.7% for its customers for both swiped and manually entered credit card transactions in the US, which is lower than the rate charged by other competitors.
Selling Points for Restaurants:
  • Radical cost reduction in hardware & software needed to run a restaurant, bar or retail store
  • Mobile apps mean orders can be taken at table-side or next to a clothing rack, then available at other registers for processing or ticket printing
  • Annual software maintenance fees and costly support are now a thing of the past because these mobile apps make their money from transaction fees like any credit card processor
  • Restaurants, bars and retail stores will begin transitioning to the much-lower cost of doing business gradually then much more rapidly as the technology becomes mainstream

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