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Lodging Interactive Launches Display Remarketing Program

Lodging Interactive, an interactive and social media marketing agency exclusively servicing the hospitality industry, announced the roll out of its Mobile SMS Text Marketing services for the hospitality industry. The company's new Mobile SMS Text marketing services provide comprehensive turn-key outsourced solutions that build guest loyalty while driving new revenue.
The display remarketing program is the latest addition to Lodging Interactive’s suite of high-performing, revenue generating online solutions for the hospitality industry. Through the display remarketing solution, hotels can display custom advertising to consumers who have previously expressed an interest in a property but have not converted their interest to a booking, providing a follow-up opportunity for a sales conversion.
Once the remarketing tracking cookie is placed on the hotel’s website, the Lodging Interactive system will begin to track all visitors who do not complete a reservation on the hotel’s website. As the visitor exits the hotel website and continues to browse the Internet, the Lodging Interactive system recognizes their digital tracking cookie and shows them a targeted advertisement with the intent of driving the visitor back to the hotel website. All tracking is done anonymously and no personal information is ever collected.
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