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Cloud-based Software Automates Staff Scheduling

eWebSchedule has announced the availability of its new web-based software designed to help managers reduce the time it takes to create accurate employee schedules by as much as 25 percent.
eWebSchedule gives service industry businesses, such as long-term healthcare providers and restaurants an easy-to-use, online scheduling system to ensure shift coverage and reduce overtime. Because eWebSchedule is web-based, schedules can be modified anytime, anywhere to accommodate time-off requests or the need to expand or decrease employee shifts.
Not only does eWebSchedule eliminate paper-based scheduling, it also has a schedule notification feature that texts or e-mails employees when the schedule is posted. It also alerts employees to open shifts or changes. Employees can then log on to the web-based scheduling system to review their schedules, request time-off, or learn about and accept open shifts. Managers also receive alerts when overtime thresholds are reached or time-off requests are submitted.
Pricing for eWebSchedule is based on number of employees. The software is online meaning there is no need to install software and eWebSchedule offers complimentary set-up for up to two franchise locations and support.

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