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CEM System Gives Managers Location-Specific Focus

Empathica Inc., has announced the launch of Empathica Local, a new CEM product that focuses on helping location managers deliver consistent and memorable customer experiences at their restaurants, retail locations, grocery stores, and banks. The product’s simple, clear interface eliminates the need to search through complex reports to find insights and leverages prescriptive reporting technology to set focus areas. As a result, location managers can focus on local issues where they need specific guidance on what to fix and how they can improve the local customer experience and strengthen the brand they represent.
Maintaining a consistent experience across multiple locations is critical to a brand’s long term success, yet several factors make this extremely difficult in practice. Every location manager brings a unique skill set and level of maturity that often results in different approaches in each location and in some cases across each shift. Traditional enterprise feedback management (EFM) reporting has been ill fitted to address this inconsistency, as location managers don’t have the time or training to wade through piles of data tables and reports to get the answers they need. They need simple, focused insights and tools designed not only to provide feedback, but also an actionable plan for improving their location’s results.
Built on patent-pending prescriptive reporting technology, Empathica Local was created from the ground up to suit the day-to-day needs of location managers. A streamlined, easy-to-understand interface presents only the most relevant information for a location manager and then suggests action plans to help execute real behavioral change among staff members to improve the customer experience. Empathica Local also facilitates social sharing of community-sourced content, giving location managers insight into a living best practices library of what’s working best for the top performing locations and how it could apply to them.

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