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Best of 2011: HT Counts Down The Year's 10 Most-Read Headlines

2011 was a big year for technology innovation in hotels and restaurants, and HT was there to unearth every one of them. Now, we delve into the most widely-read headlines. If you missed any of these major news-makers or critical industry trends, HT is bringing you the full recap.

Ranging from major company buy-outs, to new mobile technology advancements, to skyrocketing interest in cloud technology, HT counts down the top 10 most-read headlines on its website in 2011. Read on to discover which headline made it all the way to number one.

10. Nine High-Tech Trends Reshaping Restaurant Kitchens
Integration, visibility and web connectivity are just a handful of the high-tech trends restaurant kitchens are relying upon. But there are six more to mull over.

9. PMS in the Cloud
What are the benefits and challenges of operating a property management system in the cloud? Hoteliers debunk cloud-based PMS myths and reveal some of the payoffs they have experienced by moving to a cloud computing model.

8. 2011 Salary Survey: Are You Earning Your Fair Share?
It its first-ever salary survey, HT polled 275 executives from across the hotel and restaurant industries to find out how much they're earning Find out if your compensation is on par with industry averages, plus get insight into the education level, length of work-week, and benefits packages that are common among hotel and restaurant executives.

7. Are We in the Cloud Decade?
We call the 1990s the decade of ‘electronic distribution,’ and the 2000s the decade of ‘in-room technology,’ but in ten years we will be calling our current decade ‘the decade of the cloud.’

6. Culture of eCollaboration
In an exclusive interview with top Marriott executives, find out how the hotel company is excelling at marketing and IT integration. Their initiatives have reinvented into award-winning platform.

5. Is the NCR/Radiant Deal a Win-Win?
When NCR acquired Radiant Systems, the hospitality industry was abuzz with talk about how the merger would affect the companies’ technologies. Here's HT's coverage of analyst insights from the merger.

4. PCI and Remote Support: How Compliant are the Keys to the Kingdom?
Unsecure remote access and control technology is the number one attack pathway for hackers. Is your data safe? This whitepaper will help you find out.

3. 2011 Restaurant Technology Study: An Industry on the Upturn
After years of struggling in a negative business environment, restaurant IT investment is back, and with a laser-sharp focus on productivity, efficiency and cost control. Operators reveal how IT decisions are being made, top POS features and more.

2. Mobile POS Showdown
Commercial versus consumer grade; HT talks to restaurant executives about whether consumer tablets, with lower up-front costs, can survive the rigors of the tough hospitality environment, or will enterprise-grade devices still be the better choice.

1. POS in the Cloud
Moving technology systems into the cloud is becoming more accepted in the hospitality industry, as experts and operators continue to tout the benefits, from the ability to update software at multiple locations in minutes rather than weeks, to savings in both cost and labor.
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