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A collection of news, articles and other featured content about Front-of-House.

Learn How Restaurant Data Has Revolutionized Both Back- and Front-of-House Operations

Data can shine a light on inefficiencies that when overlooked lead to a restaurant's failure.

SoftBank Robotics America, Inc. Introduces Chatbot Integration and Enhanced, Customizable Feature Sets for Pepper, the Humanoid Robot

Pepper now has front of office capabilities, giving businesses more flexibility to create relevant and meaningful interactions through a unique conversational experience. 

Restaurant will act as an open environment to collaborate and create future QSR tech solutions.

Complete, end-to-end solutions address the unique needs of the hospitality industry with flexible design and integration capabilities.

Prior siloed communication through radios, emails and phone calls challenged accountability and alignment.

Rookies Sports Lodge will use Digital Diner for wait line, reservation/table management as well as SMS and social media marketing.

Tech is taking the restaurant and hospitality industries by storm — putting the pressure on these businesses to adopt technology or risk getting left behind. One of the largest concerns for the hospitality industry surrounding tech adoption is the fear of losing human interaction.

2011 was a big year for technology innovation in hotels and restaurants. Ranging from major company buy-outs, to new mobile technology advancements, to skyrocketing interest in cloud technology, HT counts down the top 10 most-read headlines on its website in 2011. And, the number one spot goes to...

Lee Holman, lead retail analyst for IHL Group shares with HT his predictions for POS trends that will continue to have an impact on the foodservice industry over the coming year. Holman and IHL Group identify workforce, environment among top POS concerns for restaurant operators.

ConnectSmart solutions from QSR Automations ensure the highest level of profit and productivity through smooth kitchen operations, order accuracy, and efficient seating.

Operators put a lot of effort into their initial property management system setup and configuration. Yet as time passes, original operational needs change and many fall victim to system mediocrity.

The software, which has been rolled out to all Olive Garden locations, automates wait times to enhance the overall level of service restaurant teams can provide to their guests.

FCS partners with Neorcha to offer integrated online solution that connects back-of-house operations to front-of-house guest services to enable efficient management of guest requests.

According to Homebase, 90 percent of retail and restaurant scheduling is still handled on paper or in Excel, increasing the likelihood of errors and noncompliance with local labor laws.

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