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Ariane Systems’ Hotel Check-in/out Solution Wins Casino Enterprise Management’s “HOT” Award

Ariane Systems, a provider of self-service check-in/out technology for the hospitality industry, is pleased to announce that its newly launched Allegro Online/Mobile/Kiosk Check-in/out Solution has been declared the winner for the Self-Service Products category in Casino Enterprise Management magazine’s inaugural Hospitality Operations Technology (HOT) Awards.
Ariane’s revolutionary software was selected for this award by a panel of gaming technology experts, including Peter Arceo, principal of Strategic Gaming Advisors; Katrina Lane, senior vice president and chief technology officer of Harrah’s Entertainment; Bart A. Lewin, president and founder of Datalytica Inc.; and Claudia Winkler, president of G.H.I. Solutions Inc.
"Our judges are experts in the industry, and use hospitality technologies on an everyday basis, so Ariane Systems and all of our winners can truly take pride in knowing its innovations are appreciated by the people to whom it matters most," affirmed Amanda Huggett, managing editor of Casino Enterprise Management magazine. "CEM is aware of all the time, energy and money it takes to develop new products and technologies for hospitality, and applauds your great commitment to the advancement of the industry."
About the solution
Ariane’s innovative new Allegro Web-Mobile-Kiosk Check-in/out Solution enables guests to check in and out of a hotel when, where and how they choose—from their personal computer or via mobile devices like smartphones, iPads or Android Tablets. The system features push-mode functionality, detecting the user’s platform of choice and delivering emails or text messages with relevant information prior to arrival at the hotel. Allegro is designed to maximize brand awareness and increase loyalty, as well as improve the guest experience and simplify hoteliers’ efforts to capture guests’ mobile phone numbers and email addresses for future marketing initiatives and data analytics.
Allegro is compatible with all major hotel locking technologies, including advanced systems like OpenWays’ Mobile Key solution, as well as RFID key fobs, Near Field Communication protocols and magstripe keycards.
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