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Appnostic Offers Free Reports to Help Hotels Reap Benefits of Google

Appnostic is now offering a free diagnostic report to help hotels thrive in this new realm of SEO. The new Google Search, Plus Your World (SPYW) features three new categories of search results ---Personal Results, Profiles in Search, and People and Pages --- that are largely based on the shares from individual social networks. Appnostic's team of social media optimizers and developers are deploying strategies for hotels to take advantage of these changes.
Appnostic is offering free SEO and Social Media diagnostic reports. A crucial element of any effective SEO strategy is having your website content conform to best practices. Appnostic's reports will enable hotels to see how they measure up in terms of criteria ranging from Keyword Saturation, to the new social media metrics increasingly referenced by major search engines. Based on how a hotel's current online presence ranks on a 100-point scale, Appnostic can tailor a solution package that now covers everything from Link Building to Google+ Community Management. Search engine ranking is key for reservation, retention and reputation in the hotel industry.

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