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Updated CRM Opens Offers to Capture New Guests

Customer Relation Management (CRM) is an essential aspect of hotel marketing, but one often overlooked by automated online reservation facilities. Some booking engine providers include basic features to offer pre-set packages at booking time. However, these offers are visible only to those who are already visiting the hotels page with the intention to book, and the public nature of a web page prohibits offering special rates that might jeopardize rate parity.
The Pelican Booking Engine addresses these concerns with a feature offering automated, individual email communication with potential guests at booking time. By previous specifying parameters (validity period, separate room allocation, booking lead time, etc.) the hotel can offer each guest, by private email, a special rate that will maximize the chance of securing a booking without risk of underselling, allowing the hotel to increase occupancy without jeopardizing rate parity.
The Pelican CRM can also email package information on a pre-set schedule to previous guests and even those who have only visited the hotel website. These can be a high-value recipients, as a guest who has had a satisfactory stay experience is likely to pass along package offers as recommendations to friends and colleagues.
The Pelican CRM can send an automated email greeting to a guest three-to-ten days prior to arrival with a reservation re-confirmation and useful information about hotel facilities. This message can be used to promote appealing non-room items such as airport transfers, champagne and wine, spa treatments, restaurant vouchers and theater bookings.
The Pelican CRM can send an automated email thanking your departing guests for their stay. Besides being good manners, this email can solicit valuable feedback and comments. A link to an online survey form will help to capture your guests experience for future reference.
Update targeted guests about new amenities, services, events, or simply the latest special offers. An e-newsletter can reach out to former guests and encourage repeat bookings, building familiarity with your hotel and loyal relationships through consistent and personalized communication.

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