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UniFocus Launches Mobile Apps to Empower Workforce

UniFocus is in the final testing phase for Mobile Applications that will provide benefits for both managers and employees using its Watson, R.M. Time and Attendance (T&A) system. The easy-to-use Time and Attendance Mobile Applications are designed as a functional tool to help managers and employees communicate more effectively and efficiently. Managers can instantly see any staff scheduled, late employees, call-ins, who’s coming in soon, who’s late to clock out, who’s in but not scheduled, who’s in or approaching overtime, approaching breaks and more.

The app enables employees to view schedules, submit time off requests and swap, drop or accept shifts quickly, with just the touch of a button. Managers are provided with a tool that allows them to quickly send blast messages to groups of employees requesting shift coverage if there are call-ins or other unexpected circumstances.

UniFocus’ Time and Attendance provides real-time punch control and reporting, along with touch screen smart clocks eliminate issues such as the California meal break penalty. UniFocus T&A is more than a time and attendance system – it is an employee relationship system – with its online portal offering unparalleled communication opportunity between management and staff. In addition to the Mobile Applications for employees and management using Time and Attendance, hotel patrons are able to respond to UniFocus’ GUESTScope Survey Solutions on tablets and mobile devices.

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