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Radiant Security Suite Offers Restaurants Breach Assistance

Radiant Systems, Inc. has launched Radiant Security Services, a new set of products and services designed to help restaurant operators build a layered defense against criminal tactics targeted at the theft of consumer data.
Radiant Security Services features a variety of services, components of which are already installed in thousands of restaurant and retail sites, helping operators defend their businesses and customers against criminal activity. The suite consists of a managed commercial-grade hardware firewall service, a secure two-factor remote access tool, and an ongoing monitoring and network defense service. Also included is a breach assistance program that protects operators from expenses that result from a suspected or actual data breach. Radiant Security Services is available to all restaurant operators, regardless of whether they use Radiant’s POS technology in their business.
Last year, Radiant demonstrated its commitment to data security with the launches of Payment Guard MSR, an encrypted magnetic stripe reader that comes standard in all Radiant POS terminals, as well as Token Replacement, a payment security feature within a restaurant’s POS software that prevents cardholder data from being stored on the POS. Radiant Security Services complement these existing offerings to give operators additional protection for their businesses.
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