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Pride & Precedence

We at Hospitality Technology are humbly proud of the recent Hotel Technology Forum. It's been a very difficult 2009 for the lodging industry, and for the event industry. Any venue that sees a coming together of lodging executives for the purpose of fostering growth is a success story in its own right. But beyond that, despite the economic hardships that have squeezed travel budgets and strapped executives' time and resources, this year's Hotel Technology Forum was its best ever, setting a new precedent for the Forum and lodging industry events.

When MGM Mirage's CIO Scot Campbell stood to deliver the event's opening keynote address, the focus from both the stage and the audience was on the future. Despite the financing challenges that have plagued the $8 billion CityCenter project and much of Las Vegas in recent months, attendees at the Forum were eager to hear from Campbell that the show at CityCenter would in fact go on. As a rallying cry for the industry of sorts, Campbell didn't disappoint, showcasing the unprecedented technology that awaits guests when CityCenter opens its doors to the public in late 2009. The show itself went on from there, with session after session of powerhouse insights that attendees could take back to their offices and put into action, immediately.

It's with great humility that we express pride for the event. The success of the Forum is a positive indicator of the resilience of both the lodging industry overall, and the innovators who filled session rooms at this year's event. We also give great thanks to the technology vendor community for continuing to support lodging innovation through sponsorship of events such as the Hotel Technology Forum. And we remain in awe of the compelling speakers who took the stage, undaunted by challenged economic times, to share their best insights for success with their peers. Here's to you!

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