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Peabody Hotels Automates Functions to Deliver Exceptional Guest Service

Peabody Hotels has selected Infor HMS to automate functions across its multiple properties. Enabled with Infor10 ION technology, Infor HMS is a specialized, multi-departmental application for the hospitality industry that integrates front-office and on-property technology to help customers better manage room availability, dynamic pricing, and guest profiles in order to boost profitability and maintain a competitive edge. Through this centralized look at performance, Peabody Hotels can track guest preferences, simplify reservations and provide consistent quality and services.
Peabody Hotels, an existing Infor customer, decided to expand the relationship because of Infor’s superior expertise in the hospitality industry and dependable support staff. Infor HMS unifies multiple hotel functions into a single application, allowing Peabody Hotels to consolidate information on the performance of multiple properties, create customized reports and ultimately make better forecasts and business decisions.
The innovative functionality of Infor HMS will automate several processes that previously required manual entry, enabling Peabody Hotels associates to focus more time on guests - saving the property both time and money.
Infor10 ION Workspace provides a consumer-grade user experience and system navigation that helps speed hotel processes.  Peabody Hotels will benefit from the application’s extensive flexibility and customization potential, which allows Peabody Hotels to deploy a wider variety of configurations to better suit its needs.
The Peabody Hotels plan to eventually utilize the mobile Infor HMS Check-In application to further personalize the guest experience by empowering associates with the real-time information necessary to provide enhanced service from anywhere in the hotel. The concierge can use the application to provide a more personalized recommendation to view local attractions and associates can quickly post charges to the guest folio, print folios and view notes right from the application, to improve their guests’ check-out experience.

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