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Par Tech's Boundless Hospitality Initiative Aims to Optimize Restaurant Ops from the Inside Out

PAR Tech, Inc., a provider of software, hardware and service solutions to restaurants, hotels, spas and retail industries, has launched the company's Boundless Hospitality initiative. The initiative, which was unveiled at the FSTEC Conference in Long Beach, California, this week, includes new solution offerings and an integrated partner program focused on enhancing restaurant technology's ability to help operators solve key new industry challenges and support sweeping changes in consumer behavior.

As part of its Boundless Hospitality initiative, PAR is introducing its PAR EverServ family of integrated yet extensible point of sale (POS) solutions, including PAR's soon-to-be-available next-generation POS software suite, EverServ POS, for quick service restaurants (QSR), and the PAR EverServ Series 2000 POS terminal. The PAR EverServ POS software suite includes the next generation of enterprise POS software with a centralized, real-time database. As an enterprise platform, EverServ QSR software gives operators a complete, real-time view of their entire business, and a variety of opportunities to enhance operations, from up-to-the-minute enterprise-wide reporting, to better-informed trend-spotting and business calibration, and reduced staff training and management. The EverServ Series 2000 terminal extends the company's hardware family to include a POS terminal at a lower price point. It features an innovative design that operates at low noise and with low power consumption and minimal maintenance, and its small footprint is ideal for locations where space is at a premium.

The new EverServ POS software products feature a flexible, open, service-oriented architecture, making it easy for PAR to add functionality such as online ordering, or integrate next-generation technologies ranging from new payment options to mobile applications and consumer social-networking functionality. To unleash the full power of these development opportunities, PAR has also launched the EverServ Ecosystem partner initiative and is working closely with key technology alliance partners, including anchor members Microsoft, Epson, QSR Automations, VeriFone and APG Cash Drawer, to add a wide variety of integrated and tested enhancements to its core EverServ offering. These enhancements will improve customer support, reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) and streamline the cost of doing business, while giving restaurant operators new capabilities in support of PAR's Boundless Hospitality vision.

Partner roster
A growing roster of restaurant industry partners are collaborating with ParTech to help fulfill the Boundless Hospitality initiative and deliver optimized solutions to the market. Companies announcing their support for ParTech's Boundless Hospitality initiative include:
  • APG Cash Drawer: APG Cash Drawer, the leading manufacturer of cash drawers and related point of sale peripherals, is proud to partner with PAR. APG's flexible manufacturing process allows us to customize our Series 4000 cash drawer to fit PAR's specifications. The superior design and rigid construction of these heavy duty cash drawers ensures that they will perform flawlessly for over 4 million operations, providing years of service in the most demanding environments.
  • Epson: PAR has taken a proactive approach toward testing and certifying Epson on its various platforms. By combining technology leadership with innovative, reliable hospitality solutions, PAR and Epson deliver the industry's most advanced hospitality solutions available today. Epson's award-winning printers are part of PAR's Boundless Hospitality Initiative, integrated into the EverServ series of hardware. By pairing PAR with Epson, food service operators have access to extraordinary depth and breadth of high-performance solutions to meet virtually every hospitality technology demand.
  • Microsoft: Microsoft's Windows Embedded POSReady 2009 and other Windows Embedded operating systems provide a lifecycle-supported platform for PAR EverServ solutions that enables customers to easily implement POS applications and seamlessly connect them with peripherals, servers and services. Additionally, Microsoft's Windows Mobile and Windows Embedded CE software platforms simplify the development of PAR solutions that fully integrate the latest mobile ordering functionality into the restaurant enterprise. PAR is also working on scalable applications that use the Microsoft .NET Framework architecture to simplify updates and the addition of third-party enhancements.
  • QSR Automations: QSR Automations provides revolutionary in-store and online guest management solutions to hospitality businesses worldwide — including best-of- breed kitchen automation, seating and wait list management, and reservations. The quality solution interfaces and partnership between QSR and ParTech ensure users of ParTech's EverServe point-of-sale systems and services can add any or all of QSR's advanced technologies to measurably increase efficiency and revenue while creating memorable and personal guest experiences.
  • VeriFone: VeriFone's solutions for restaurants and hospitality applications bring secure, efficient payment solutions right to the point of the transaction. High-speed, wireless and IP-enabled solutions at the point of service allow consumers to keep their credit or debit card in hand while restaurants and hospitality businesses take full advantage of the lowest cost processing options.

PAR Tech also is launching a new website dedicated to the Boundless Hospitality initiative, which can be found at

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