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PAR Technology Updates EverServ PixelPoint

ParTech, Inc. (PAR), a wholly owned subsidiary of PAR Technology Corporation (NYSE: PAR), announced the availability of its latest release of PAR EverServ® PixelPoint® V11 POS software, which includes 38 new features and enhancements (27  were direct requests from PAR’s Partner Advisory Board).  The latest enhancements to EverServ PixelPoint provide restaurant operators with new tools to increase efficiency and make it easier to manage their business. The new features also provide the foundation to simplify the path for operators to enable future business initiatives. 
EverServ PixelPoint V11 includes features and capabilities that empower restaurant operators to rapidly implement emerging technologies like mobile loyalty.  PixelPoint V11 offers tools that accelerate the process of integrating third party applications and services that bring value to restaurant operators and their customers.
“The advanced reporting capabilities of PixelPoint V11, with more reports featuring more data, gives us the information we need to make better decisions to improve our operations,” said Juan Pablo, Owner of Papi Chulo’s Restaurant in Corpus Christi, TX. “The flexibility of PixelPoint V11’s reporting tool gives us the information we need, when we need it, and in a format that is easy to review and identify trends and exceptions.”
”We are glad we upgraded to PixelPoint V11 to tap into its new enhanced features,” said Karin Juhl, Owner of Charann’s Tavern in Tampa, FL. “We are impressed with PixelPoint V11’s new look and feel, easy-to-use report viewer and the Software Development Kit which will make it easier for us to integrate with some of the new social media trends or other software and hardware technologies. Everything just seems easier!”
Key features of PixelPoint V11 include: 
Advanced Report Viewer – PixelPoint’s report viewer is now available as a standalone program, which can be run directly from a Windows® Desktop shortcut rather than through PixelPoint BackOffice. Key features include: ability to have multiple reports present on their own tabs, easier access to more than 250 standard reports with the fully updated report tree, toggle between several reports without having to re-run a report and the ability to schedule and receive automated reports via email or mobile phone.
Easy to Customize Screen Design – The POS screen layout and colors are easy to configure and customize for the unique branding and operating requirements of each operator. Now operators can easily place order function buttons wherever they want on the screen.
Improved Database Update Processes – A new PixelPiont import utility included in V11 enables operators to efficiently import data from external sources into PixelPoint.  With a straightforward database field match process, it avoids tedious data entry and saves considerable time.  This utility also helps protect database integrity.
Integration to Third-party Applications – The PixelPoint Software Development Kit (SDK) allows third-party systems to process orders in the POS system as if it was entered as a normal order.  Common types of third-party orders include Web and call center orders. Examples of Web ordering systems that have been interfaced to PixelPoint include:, and
Back-up – The LiveBackup utility is an automated back-up and recovery system designed to ensure that the database is always up and running.  LiveBackup writes all transactions and activities to a secondary location in real-time so that it is easier and faster to restore your system in the event of a database failure. 
PAR EverServ PixelPoint is sold through a global network of authorized resellers. 800-267-4935 or [email protected].
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