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Papa John's Sees 52 Percent Customer Conversion Rate with SEM Tech

Papa John's Houston franchises has seen a 52 percent conversion rate with a consumer intent marketing campaign run on SocialCompass from HipLogiq. The system is designed to give companies insight on what and when consumers are looking to buy, and put an offer in front of them to help influence their decision.

With the patented technology behind SocialCompass, companies need only their key words and geographic location to comb Twitter looking for tweets that flag a purchase intent from a targeted consumer. Compare the success rate of Papa John’s to the 1-2 percent conversion rate from a traditional direct mail campaign.

Papa John's communications director says, "What's so appealing about SocialCompass is the opportunity to target a completely different kind of market than we hit with mass advertising or direct mail. There is no way to mass market to just the right customer at just the time they are about to order pizza. SocialCompass lets us talk to customers one-on-one instead of one in a million."

In the past, search engine marketing (SEM) was thought to be the best way to understand what people are looking for and connect with them via an online advertisement or web site link.

And while companies can use paid Twitter ads successfully, SocialCompass is a testament that organic tweets are an effective way to win customers. In fact, HipLogiq's SocialCompass clients average a 34 percent conversion rate, while some are much higher.  

SocialCompass has a transparent, straight-forward dashboard that measures real-time results. With SocialCompass, marketers have the data to quickly understand who their influencers are, where they are located geographically, what they are looking for and who else in their social network might be interested in a similar discount.

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