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Panasonic Unveils B2B POS, Drive-thru Dealer Program

Panasonic System Networks Company of America is now offering a new dealer program for the point-of-sale (POS) and drive-thru product sales channels. Developed in response to the growing success of Panasonic POS and drive-thru product solutions, the three-tiered program will provide the sales channel with marketing resources, technical support and enhanced service to help improve customer satisfaction and increase customer loyalty.
Divided into three categories (gold, silver and bronze), the program offers authorized resellers targeted tools based on their commitment level and business activity. The flexible B2B program includes sales rebates and competitive pricing and also enables dealers to sell to almost all major accounts. Program partners can also take advantage of Panasonic financing solutions, deal registration, dealer advisory councils and authorized service center certification to help promote sales.
Panasonic’s open platform POS systems, includes the Stingray and Lite-ray workstations. Their purpose-built designs and open-platform features have set new standards in the industry and made them the POS system of choice for many top chain stores. An easy add-on sale to an existing POS order is the Panasonic Attune Drive-Thru Communications System with interference-free communication and impressive dealer margins.
Panasonic operates through open distribution for Lite-ray Workstations and Attune Digital Drive-Thru Communications Systems – meaning any reseller can purchase and sell these outstanding products. Panasonic requires pre-authorization to sell the Stingray Workstation.
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