Onosys Launches App to Drive Facebook Ordering Sales

Onosys, a provider of mobile and online ordering systems for over 75 national restaurant chains, announced the launch of restaurant ordering through a full-featured Facebook application.
Onosys’ clients can now allow customers to place food orders through the restaurant’s Facebook page without ever having to leave the popular social network’s site. The company gives users the ability to view and order from the restaurant’s full menu, repeat previous orders, pay using a credit card, and have it delivered – all while still being a part of the Facebook experience.
Customers can begin a new order or log-in to repeat a previous one by accessing the “Order Now” tab added to the restaurant’s Facebook page. They are then guided through the ordering and check-out process as seamlessly as they would on the restaurant brand’s online ordering site. To drive Facebook ordering sales, restaurants also have the ability to offer special coupons and time sensitive promotions exclusively to their followers. At the end of the checkout process, the user is also prompted to update their status – sharing with their friends what they ordered and from where – adding a viral marketing component.
Onosys’ online ordering Facebook integration will be available to restaurant chains and can be developed for the brand’s corporate Facebook site as well as the localized franchise pages. A fully functional demo of this application is now available through the Onosys Facebook Page, on the “Onosys Demo Ordering” tab.

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