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New Restaurant iPhone App Development Company Joins the Mix

Blue Shoe Mobile Solutions, the newest addition to the iPhone App technology creation field, has just been launched by Virginia entrepreneur Eddie Peloke. Created in early 2010, Blue Shoe Mobile Solutions provides restaurant owners with a cost effective solution to joining the iPhone App mobile movement.

Blue Shoe empowers restaurant owners with the ability to take part in creating and managing their own iPhone application. Each restaurant's personalized iPhone application will allow them to manage their advertising, special promotions and menus as well as retain the contact information of patrons. Not only will the apps benefit the restaurants but also patrons, by allowing them to instantly place an order at their favorite local eatery, right from the palm of their hand.

About the apps developed
The apps developed by Blue Shoe, while extremely cost effective, also bring tremendous power to make restaurant owners lives easier. These personalized apps will do more than just show a menu or provide the patron with a coupon, they can also:
  • Track the restaurants most popular dishes ordered
  • Know which locations are seeing the most business
  • Store the favorite orders of customers
  • Send orders via email, fax, text or voice, by placing a call directly to the restaurant

Companies who participated in the beta testing are realizing the power this technology can bring and already embracing it.

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