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New iPhone-Based Tool Offers Customer Engagement Options for Restaurants, Bars & Nightclubs

Moglumedia recently introduced MogluRBN, an iPhone-based solution that makes it easy for restaurants, bars and nightclubs to engage with customers through their mobile devices anywhere and anytime.

Designed specifically for the hospitality industry, MogluRBN is a mobile presence package that combines a custom-designed iPhone application with managed content updates, real-time analytics, strategy consulting and first-class customer support. Ranging in cost from US$45 to US$195 a month, MogluRBN is an affordable way for restaurants, bars and nightclubs to keep customers informed of menu items, drinks and upcoming events, offer mobile coupons and exclusivity passes, receive feedback through comment cards, support mobile ordering and more.

A MogluRBN subscription includes.

  • Custom-designed iPhone application, with business logo and color scheme
  • Submission of custom iPhone application to Apple's App Store
  • Compatibility management of custom iPhone application with future hardware/software releases
  • Real-time iPhone application usage analytics through a web dashboard
  • Management and updating of mobile content
  • Mobile content hosting
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Customer support by phone and email
  • Mobile strategy consultation

In connection with the MogluRBN release, Moglumedia is also launching an affiliate program where service providers earn 20% of the monthly subscription of client referrals. The goal of this program is to drive adoption of MogluRBN by offering a mobile presence product to partners who already serve the hospitality industry.

MogluRBN is available immediately under three subscription plans, Basic, Plus and Premium, at a cost that ranges from US$45 to US$195 a month.

While all plans include a customized iPhone application with the subscription services listed above, the Plus and Premium plans offer an application with additional features, more frequent managed content updates and, for the Premium plan only, monthly consultations on mobile strategy. There is no initial set-up fee, no long-term contract and businesses can cancel their subscription at any time.

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