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Mobile Booking Website Boosts Revenue Up to Five Percent

Passkey has announced the launch of the industry's first revenue-maximizing mobile hotel booking website for groups, meetings and events.  
The mobile booking website leverages the latest revenue generating tools pioneered and perfected by Passkey, including seamless integration of room upgrades, extended stays, hotel add-ons, promotional cubes and social networking.  
Designed specifically for groups, these elements are weaved into a natural booking experience that is both enjoyable and effective. Most importantly, each mobile website is dedicated to and personalized for a specific meeting or event, resulting in significantly higher overall bookings per group and higher revenue per booking.  
The revenue tools, when deployed by Passkey's clients can generate upwards of 5% in increased bookings per group and 5% of incremental revenue per booking. The new website is optimized for major mobile platforms including iPhone, iPad, and Android phones and tablets.   It is also built to accommodate any currency and major languages.
Passkey expects over 100,000 meetings and events to leverage the mobile booking website in 2014, either by attendees of major events such as trade shows and conferences, or guests at smaller events such as weddings, corporate meetings and social gatherings. 
The new mobile booking website is available at no additional cost to Passkey's global customer base, which includes leading hotels, destinations, corporations, associations and travel management companies.  The mobile websites do not require any additional setup, and are rendered automatically based on the user's device.
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