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Lodging Interactive Launches Vanity URL Service for Google+

Lodging Interactive has developed Link2Brand, a technology for creating branded vanity URLs for Google+ Business Pages that removes lengthy numeric coding and adds click tracking as part of the service. Link2Brand owns Google+ related domain names (which can be used with the service to create a hotel’s vanity URL link). A click-tracking system will report the number of times a viewer clicked on the link to connect to the hotel’s G+ Business Page.
Before the Link2Brand service can be utilized, a hotel must first have a Google+ Business Page. This social media channel allows members (hotels) to organize people (guests) into social groups referred to as "Circles." Then, hoteliers engage with their own circles of potential guests and build larger circles through social networking and marketing.
Lodging Interactive offers a Google+ Page Creation service for hotels, while its subsidiary CoMMingle manages the page to ensure that each hotel is properly positioned on Google+.

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