Live from NRF: Cybera's Cloud-Based Security & Connectivity Tool Goes National

Cybera, a service provider of security and network solutions, today announced the national launch of SECURE|LINK, a cloud-based security and connectivity solution for enterprise customers in the retail, restaurant, convenience and healthcare industries. Now in general availability, SECURE|LINK has emerged from an extensive pilot period with numerous enterprise-class customers where the product met demanding security and connectivity requirements. To date, more than 30 enterprises have purchased SECURE|LINK.
Simple security for complex requirements
Industry analyst surveys reveal that PCI compliance is currently the greatest pain point in today's merchant environment. The consensus of these surveys also indicates that compliance will remain a primary focus of IT organizations for the next few years. SECURE|LINK benefits merchants by directly integrating comprehensive security services with broadband access. SECURE|LINK includes firewall, intrusion detection, encryption, two-factor authentication, logging and reporting to support customer PCI initiatives. Available security solutions also include PCI certified gateways with all major payment processors, third party application gateways and secure remote access for employees.

Cybera's SECURE|LINK works with any internet connection or can be bundled with nationwide flat-rate broadband access services directly from Cybera. Access options from Cybera include DSL and 3G/4G wireless as well as a variety of other broadband technologies. This flexibility means businesses can take advantage of SECURE|LINK as an integrated solution from a single provider or as a compliance and security overlay without changing existing network access connections. SECURE|LINK connectivity options also include integrated wireless or dial backup services for enhanced reliability and Wi-Fi solutions for both public and private wireless connectivity in the local environment.

The fast-growing list of SECURE|LINK customers includes Jack in the Box, Little Caesar's, Captain D's, Samsonite, Murphy USA, La Madeleine, Fazoli's, Alfred Angelo, Lenny's Sub Shops, Olympia Sports, LeHigh Gas, Colbea Enterprises and many others.

Cloud based for standardization and control
Through its cloud-based design, SECURE|LINK ensures a standardized security and compliance profile at every branded location, whether corporate owned, franchised or affiliated. Configuration management and updates to firewall and routing policies are centralized to reduce the time and effort to implement changes across the branded footprint. Cloud-based security can also speed audit and compliance efforts while providing greater control over independently operated branded locations. As such, SECURE|LINK supports the increasing trend of the parent brand imposing security and compliance measures on franchisee or affiliate locations.
Affordable security and connectivity
SECURE|LINK greatly reduces the cost of network security by eliminating the need for expensive equipment and software at both store and corporate facilities. Competing hardware-based solutions typically run into the thousands of dollars per location and core infrastructure and enterprise class security software can run into the millions. SECURE|LINK not only eliminates these capital costs, it minimizes the operational costs of maintaining the solutions and the potential ballooning staff required to manage the latest technology.
A platform instead of a product
SECURE|LINK is designed as a service delivery platform as opposed to a discrete product. Through continuous updates and application development, Cybera ensures its customers stay ahead of evolving security standards and defends against the latest threats. As new security services and features are added, the value of the overall solution multiplies without additional infrastructure spending.

SECURE|LINK has near-endless upgradability, and is protected by Cybera's obsolescence protecttion program. A customer no longer needs to worry about falling behind in technology or stranded security investments.

In addition to SECURE|LINK, Cybera's comprehensive portfolio of security solutions includes services such as rogue wireless access point detection, intrusion detection and security information and event management. All security solutions are fully managed and monitored by Cybera's 24x7x365 Security Operations Center.

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