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Kitchen Display Hardware Innovation Enhances Keypad Reliability, Durability, Usability

QSR Automations, provider of the ConnectSmart in-store, online, and mobile connected technology solutions for restaurant businesses worldwide, introduces its latest enhancements to bump bar technology with the KP-7500 keypad. The KP-7500 provides enhancements for greater grease and moisture resistance along with a new highly durable and heat resistant enclosure made of the same type of resin used in automotive engine compartments.

Additionally, the new top is metal and is secured for long life, which also provides optimal protection for the customizable keypad overlay. Other new features include a key press activity light to further eliminate extra pushes, as well as a new cable stress relief design for foolproof connections and easier implementations. The KP-7500 offers either a standard PS/2 or USB connection. The KP-7500 also provides improved sound with on/off and frequency control through QSR’s ConnectSmart ControlPoint hardware management tool, which users can rely on to remotely control the KP-7500. 
QSR’s ControlPoint is an intuitive software solution for use within a single restaurant location or across hundreds of restaurants. In addition to advanced real-time diagnostics and troubleshooting, ControlPoint enables quick configuration and the ability to perform updates and changes without the requirement to physically touch each device. Through the intuitive graphical interface, users can define each device in the restaurant configuration, creating a plug-and-play environment to simplify installation and ongoing maintenance. 
The KP-7500 capitalizes on a number of proven features from QSR’s KP-4000 keypad, including a sophisticated key technology which provides an enhanced tactile feel. Highly resilient and consistently functioning despite less than perfect pushes, the extremely durable keys of QSR’s KP-7500 are easy to push and offer the user an immediate response with a “click” feel. 
Most importantly, also like QSR’s KP-4000, the KP-7500 is rated for 30 million pushes and ships standard with an unparalleled three-year hardware limited warranty. Most bump bars in the industry maintain a published rating of three to five million pushes and are warranted for only one year.
The footprint of the KP-7500 remains the same, ensuring the keypad can be easily mounted on a tabletop, wall, shelf, or from the ceiling using QSR’s standard bracketing options or existing third party brackets. Each of the 20 keys is programmable, and users can easily create keypad overlays which are slid into place over the keys without the use of tools.
Any restaurant business looking for reliability and flexibility in a bump bar can choose the application independent KP-7500. When used in conjunction with QSR’s kitchen display software and hardware – including the ePic®, xCeed®, and eXpert® controllers – restaurant businesses can profitably automate their kitchen operations to enhance quality, control costs, and meet productivity goals. 

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