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Jitjatjo Launches Its First Mobile App

Jitjatjo, an on-demand platform that provides instant, intelligently matched temporary staffing, announced the public launch of its mobile application. Every day, managers and owners throughout the food and beverage sector are in need of more flexible resourcing to align with fluctuations in demand, no-shows, and call-outs. In less than 30 seconds, Jitjatjo’s technology platform can fill staffing voids with vetted and highly skilled workers that arrive on location in as quickly as an hour. Additionally, the app removes the burden of human resources requirements, including interviews, background checks, tax forms, performance reviews, timekeeping and payroll.
The application is efficient and effective. When a restaurant, bar, or venue requests assistance through the app, Jitjatjo handles the entire process, from hiring through to payroll. With a 24/7 supply of trusted, pre-vetted, and experienced staff on hand, businesses can have additional staff on premise, within one hour’s notice. In beta, the application was opened to a select group of clients including The Breslin, Tao Group, Paige Hospitality, NY Catering, and Interface NYC. The Breslin, Tao Group, Paige Hospitality Group, Black Barn, Crystal Plaza Group, Delaney Restaurant Group, NY Catering, Interface NYC, New York City Ballet,
Additionally, the app has been available to a select group of talent. Just like Uber, these individuals are free to turn the app on and off whenever they would like to pick up a shift. Upon completion of the shift, they can choose the instant payment option and of course, update their availability to get another job if they so choose.
Jitjatjo is free for download in the app store for businesses and talent
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