Hotels Increasingly Offering Booking Options Through Social & Mobile Channels

According to a recent survey from TravelClick, the majority of hotels will have booking engines integrated into their social media channels and mobile websites in 2013.
Nearly half (48 percent) of the approximately 400 global hotels surveyed have a booking engine on Facebook or another social media channel. Of those that do not have a booking channel on social media, approximately half (22.5 percent of the 52 percent) plan to integrate one in 2013. 
Mobile enabled websites and applications are also gaining in popularity among hoteliers. Half of those surveyed indicated that they have an application that allows users to book rooms on their tablet or smart phone. Of the remaining 44 percent, 23 percent plan to add booking functionality to their mobile site in 2013. 
However, even with the proliferation of social and mobile, the majority (53 percent) of hoteliers still think their property’s website will see the most growth in bookings when looking at ‘’ channels. Search engines and social media followed in a distant second with approximately 20 percent.

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