GoDaddy Launches Specialized Restaurant Websites

Recent surveys reveal 80 percent of individuals say it’s important to have a menu online. In stark contrast, of the nearly 340 thousand independent restaurants, only 4 in 10 have their menu posted on their website. GoDaddy and Locu are giving independent restaurants the tools they need to leverage the power of the Internet. Website Builder provides hundreds of customizable designs and many ways to change the appearance – making their digital identity exactly like their restaurant. Seamless integration with Locu provides a menu manager, letting restaurateurs quickly and easily update their menu.

Locu specializes in easy menu-management and has hundreds of thousands of menus from all over the U.S. pre-loaded into their database, waiting for a restaurant to claim them. Once claimed, a restaurant can set prices, change descriptions and add photos of their meals. That means menu items don’t have to be entered manually on the website – it’s already loaded.
If a restaurant is brand new or Locu has not collected their menu, the automatic conversion of a document, pdf or image of a menu quickly enables users to have an SEO-rich menu online. Restaurants can print menus on a daily basis, making changes as often as needed for their menu.

Changes restaurants make on their Locu menu are published on websites and mobile apps across Locu’s partner network, including OpenTable, Foursquare and Citysearch. Customers using the Locu’s premium plan will have access to automatically update websites like Yelp, Facebook and TripAdvisor. In addition to menu management, Website Builder automatically creates a mobile-friendly website. In the same surveys referenced earlier, more than 80 percent of customers said they have searched for a restaurant using their smartphone. Yet, research shows only 1 in 20 restaurants have a mobile presence.
When a Website Builder user publishes their website, it is automatically converted into a mobile website. The website will then detect which device a visitor is using and automatically deliver the best experience.
GoDaddy, the Web’s top platform for small businesses, is introducing the partnership at the National Restaurant Association Conference tomorrow and expects the Locu integration to be widely available by mid-June.
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