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Don’t Let a Third Party Service Steal Your Market Share

Moe’s Southwest Grill understands that competitive advantage in today’s business environment includes, in great part, staying on top of technological advancements that enhance the guest experience. This entails always looking for ways to stay relevant to guests. Knowing how to optimize our brand’s experience to best align with a consumer segment starts with data — data about the consumer, the touchpoint and the opportunity.  We also know that data is only as good as the insights it helps us unlock.
In order to better connect with catering clients, Moe’s teamed with MonkeyMedia Software to capture key consumer preferences from core catering customers including occupation, product preferences and order frequency.  This enables us to address both ends of the guest spectrum; how to service loyal VIPs and lapsed customers.

Fishbowl is a data analytics and marketing automation solution provider. Moe’s uses its Enterprise platform to efficiently communicate with customers and build custom mailings that drive engagement. 

MonkeyMedia Software and Fishbowl were able to support end-to-end integration, working together to ensure seamless data flow of our catering customers’ profile so that we can now communicate with them through our enterprise email platform.

The integration process took about four to five months to implement. Now we can segment and target groups of catering customers based on their specific needs and preferences for a holistic view of our customer data that is more meaningful and actionable.

The partnership between Monkey Media Software and Fishbowl is part of our continued efforts to use technology to adapt to our customers, marketing and sales needs. Through this partnership, as part of the information that we gather during the upfront process, we now have a more complete view of the guest. This includes the occupations of our loyal catering customers and other demographic insights.

We are now able to target very specific customer segments, such as business clients or social catering customers, and create more relevant messages to
identify those key groups. 

In addition, our sales teams have better and more accurate tools to gain sales traction and our marketing team has clear directives based on what messages need to get communicated to the proper target groups. Overall, we are developing a system to help our customers understand how we can solve for their needs through our catering program.

Next stop on Moe’s technology journey is integrating tools to achieve on-demand efficiency and provide our customers with the delivery experience they expect. Delivery is a game changer in the competitive catering arena. Moe’s is currently testing a new platform that enhances driver management functionality, tracking capabilities, and real-time customer notifications to engage in the on-demand era.  

Technology is changing the way we interact with our customers and the hospitality business is all about providing services to our guests that meet or exceed expectations.  

What was your first job?  
My first job was working for an advertising agency as an account executive on the McDonald’s account. 

Who inspires you? 
Athletes in general. I have so much respect for their passion, determination and competitive drive to be the best.

What are your hobbies? 
Travel is definitely at the top of the list.  My husband is British and we travel to Europe at least once a year.  We love to go castle hopping – Edinburgh Castle and the Tower of London are my favorites.

What technologies excite you?  
Mobile online ordering, GPS tracking for delivery and loyalty platforms at the moment but it changes every few months as new innovation tech solutions are created.

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